Astrological Houses


Your Natal Chart, Astrological Houses and Specific Life Issues

Your natal birth chart can tell you a lot about the specific issues you deal with in life. Your chart is divided into 12 sectors, called houses and each of these houses rules a different area of your life, such as your relationships, family, career, finances, health, etc.

Read over this list and notice which “house” speaks to you. This is an indication that that part of your chart is challenged.


Your basic vitality; your sense of self and individuality; standing up for yourself; what makes you feel unique; your basic instincts; how your world views you; your basic health, constitution, and strength.

Questions to ask related to this house:
Do you feel you are seen for who you are? Do you assert yourself in positive, effective ways? Do you trust your instincts? Do you take action when needed? Do you feel that you are “seen?”


Finances and money; self-worth and self-esteem; feeling personally empowered; your resources and innate talents; what you value and care about; your relationship to money, finances and abundance.

Questions to ask related to this house:
Do you feel abundant and attract what you need in life? Do you use the resources you have? Are you aware of your innate talents and gifts? Do you feel you are, do and have “enough”? Do you feel empowered?


Your thoughts, attitudes and mental abilities; communication style, skills and issues; ability learn; flexibility; siblings; how you process your thoughts.

Questions to ask related to this house:
Are you open-minded? Do you have issues with negative self-talk? Are you focused? Do you feel you communicate well? Are you a good listener? Do you feel heard? Do you have good relationships with your siblings?


Home, family and early influences; your relationship to your mother; a sense of belonging; children, parents; spiritual genetics and generational patterns that influence you; your capacity for nurturing and to be nurtured.

Questions to ask related to this house:
Is your home life supportive and nurturing? Do you have good relations with your mother? Children? Do you feel you belong? Do you feel you are clearing issue for your lineage?


How you express yourself in ways that are unique; being dramatic; recreation, sports, the arts and your creative process, what you do to have fun; speculative ventures; affairs of the heart; your passions and what motivates you to be more.

Questions to ask related to this house:
Are you melodramatic? Do you thwart expressing yourself creatively? Do you allow yourself to be childlike at times? Do you have fun? Too much maybe? Do you take risks?


Your health, habits and daily regimes; diet, nutrition; ability to reason and apply common sense; being discriminate; volunteering and service.

Questions to ask related to this house:
Do you make good choices? Are you critical of self or others? Do you use good judgement and common sense? Do you pay proper attention to health and nutrition? Are your daily habits supportive of your well-being? Do you have a tendency towards nervousness, worry or anxiety? Do you get along with your co-workers?


Marriage (and divorce) and close relationships and partnerships; your capacity for personal relationships; cooperation and compromise; the ability to live in balance and to see both sides of an issue; what opposes you; open enemies and law suits; relationship patterns and lessons.

Questions to ask related to this house:
Is the relationship arena of your life health? Do you feel supported by your personal relationships? Do you have relationship issues on an on-going basis? Are you able to compromise and cooperate? Is it easy for you to receive love and support? Do you seek relationships because you don’t like being alone? Are you indecisive and have difficulty making decisions?


Transformation, rites of passage and authentic growth; power and empowerment; your genetics and procreation; sexual dynamics and issues; death and rebirth; other people’s money, inheritances and legacies; phobias and deep fears; the occult and the mysteries of life.

Questions to ask related to this house:
Do you have sexual issues? Are you afraid of your power or have issues with control? Are you in a profound time or transformation?


Higher learning, education and philosophy; your ability to be open intellectually; your attitudes and beliefs; travel and foreign cultures (and your relationship to them); justice, morals and ethics; expansion of your options, good fortune and overall luck; your learning style and capacity to be open-minded.

Questions to ask related to this house:
Do you have a positive attitude? Do you consider new options easily? Do you have a tendency to be lazy or too laid back? Are you open to new ideas? Do you feel you are treated unjustly at times?


Career and work; your presence in the world; your relationship to your father; those who have authority over you in some way; how you present you to and are seen in the world at large, what you contribute.

Questions to ask related to this house:
Do you have a sense of purpose and overall life direction? Do you know where you are going in life? Do you have goals that are tangible and realistic? Is authority an issue for you? Are you disciplined? Do you take responsibility? Too much so? Do you delegate when needed?


Friends, community and neighbors; your vision and dreams for your life; groups and associations and your relationship to them; computers and the internet.

Questions to ask related to this house:
Do you have good relationships with your friends? Do you have a strong sense of community in your life? Are you in touch with the vision for your life? Are your ideals realistic?


Your spiritual life and concerns; dreams, what is unseen and vague in your life; spirituality mysticism; what inspires you; your deep beliefs; karma, past lives and their influence on this life; delusions and illusions and what you can be fooled by; addiction, secrets and confinement; how you find peace.

Questions to ask related to this house:
Do you feel spacey and ungrounded? Are you unrealistic in some area of your life? Are you easily deceived? Do you have boundary issues? Are you inclined towards addictive behavior? Do you have an over-active imagination?

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