2022 Astro Event Guide

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StarPathways Beacon for Solar Virgo 2022 is now available!

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Included on 2022 Astro Event Guide :

  • Concise, handy listing of all key astrological events for the year.
  • Key events by month (aspects, lunations and more)
  • Key events by degree (a unique view of the year’s key events by degree and sign)
  • Mercury retrograde periods (including when it hits the shadow point)
  • All New and Full Moons, as well as Lunar and Solar Eclipses
  • Planetary stations: When and where each planet turns retrograde or direct
  • Planetary ingresses: When each planet changes signs
  • Key aspects between planets (included are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).
  • All this info color-keyed and on two pages for quick reference!

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“In my 35+ years as a student of, and then professional astrologer, I have NEVER come across anything like AEG! I print off several copies (you can too) and place them in sheet protectors for ease of use and refer to it often throughout the year!” ~Elizabeth”


What others say about the AstroEvent Guide:

Thank you so much for this truly valuable resource. I’ve been using AEG for years and hope you offer it for many years to come.


The AstroEvent Guide is such a wonder! So handy to have all this 2022 info on a 2-page guide. I refer to it often throughout the year. So glad you’re still doing after all this time!


Thank you for continuing to offer this wonderful product! I write an astrology column and use it constantly for reference. What a great service you provide.


“Hi Elizabeth, just wanted to congratulate you on a unique, useful, and well planned product! I will be keeping the Astro Event Guide nearby!

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