The Jupiter-Neptune Square of 2019

Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces
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There aren’t many aspects between the outer planets in 2019 interestingly enough, which is quite rare (the outer planets being Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). However, there is one and it is very significant.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is squaring Neptune in Pisces which will occur three times in 2019, the first being on January 13th. Due to retrograde motion this is the 1st of 3 squares between these two this year. The 2nd is on June 16th and the 3rd is on September 21st.

There are some intriguing aspects to this influence…

  • They are both in the signs that they rule (Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Neptune rules Pisces). This means they are each “in their element” and more potent and clear in expressing their respective cosmic agendas.
  • This exact square hasn’t happened in centuries nor will it occur again for 100’s of years.
  • Jupiter used to be the ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered in 1846 and is now the co-ruler of Pisces further enhancing this influence.
  • The cosmic agenda of these two planets have some similarities as they each impact such things as faith, beliefs, compassion, tolerance, morals, religion and spiritual principles to name a few.
  • They both seek to move us beyond where we are. Jupiter to expand into our greater potential and Neptune to expand into a greater reality/dimension.
  • Squares between the planets create tension and even conflict. For these to be resolved they push things to their limit often in ways that simply cannot be avoided and once the lesson has been learned we begin to see their higher frequencies occur.

What to expect…

Initially the lower frequencies of each of the planets will come forth. To what degree depends on lots of things, starting with how open you are to growing and changing where needed/indicated by this aspect.

How this usually works astrologically is actually quite fascinating and is directly related to the agendas and dynamics of each of three squares as follows, which applies to all squares between the outer planets that occur three times in a cycle, by the way.

Around the time of the 1st square the issues related to the aspect become known. I’ve compared it to walking into your home and finding a gorilla (harmless but still…) has moved in. Yikes…

Panic, bewilderment and alarm sets in.

The 2nd square generally occurs several months later and always involves one, or sometimes both, of the planets being retrograde. By now you’ve discovered a few things about this situation and perhaps even come to accept that you live with a gorilla. Around this point you start to ponder how your life has changed and what it means.

At the time of the third and final square between these two the original shock has worn off and you’ve come to not only accept that you live with a gorilla but find that it’s actually kind of nice in some ways. He’s brought all kinds of things to your attention plus he’s quite helpful when it comes to things like moving your furniture around or bringing wood up from the shed.

As silly as this all sounds, there are clues to my gorilla analogy as to how to best understand, navigate and learn from a trio of powerful squares such as this one.

How this translates to Jupiter squaring Neptune…

Square #1 (1/13) (both planets are in direct motion) 
The lower frequencies of this square are likely to express to one degree or another in your life, in the lives of people around you as well as in the world at large.

These can include things such as: Being wildly unrealistic, fanaticism, delusion, irrational; distortions of truth, panic, fear, exaggeration, exploitation and hopelessness are also possible. Also ignoring or being in denial about just “how bad” certain things are because they’re just too hard and frustrating to face. Keep in mind that these, or some variation of them, may be related to you personally and/or externally. (Note: Higher expressions given below.)

Square #2 (6/16) (Jupiter is now retrograde and Neptune is about to station retrograde as well-6/21)
The lower frequencies are likely to be less potent. can certainly be. But it is also probable that the lessons associated with this square are beginning to take hold, especially personally (“you’re making friends with the gorilla” stage).

The higher frequencies can start to appear more often now: Facing and dissolving of core beliefs that keep you from moving forward and realizing your dreams allowing you to see more clearly what those beliefs are and then embark on correcting them, if you will. Also the renewal of a deep sense of faith and hope can begin to emerge. A good motto for this time is: “Going deep, finding hope.”

Square #3 (9/21) (Jupiter is now direct and Neptune is retrograde)
Simply put to the degree that you’ve been proactively working towards diminishing the lower frequencies of this aspect (see #1 above) you will now benefit from the higher vibes of this square (see #2 above.) To go back to the analogy: You’ve come to see why the gorilla (now your friend) came to visit you and even accept his presence. Your faith has been renewed, blocks to your greater good have been removed, you’re beginning to see and experience your true potential…these are just some of the possibilities. However, it is also time for the gorilla to leave.

At the higher levels there are some interesting things that could occur as they relates to the world at large. First there may be that various forms of long-sought after justice brings a renewal of faith in the “system.” Further a coming together of opposing ideologies for the greater good is possible. Also, not out of the question is the addressing of such issues as the opioid/drug crisis (excessiveness being ruled by Jupiter and drugs/addiction are by ruled Neptune) may also (finally) happen. There are many other possible ways things along these lines and others that could occur.

Know that during any of these three squares there are a myriad of ways to raise the frequencies through your intention, willingness and focus. I offer lots of ideas for how to do this here: Jupiter in Sagittarius ~ Connecting to Universal Benevolence.

Overall this aspect seeks to increase our faith, renew our hope, mend fences, bring people of differing ideologies together, increase inspiration and more. Without a doubt these are lofty ideals and challenging to achieve, especially on a larger scale. And herein lies a key and a big lesson for us personally: Don’t wait for things to change externally before you embark on your own journey towards greater growth and the realization of your dreams, and this year brings lots of opportunities to do just that, regardless of what is happening “out there.”

May you travel In Light…always,


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