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For now to 12/21 ~ 2021
Includes Astro-insights & Tarot readings for the entire quarter

Welcome to the Quarterly Beacon (QB) ~ Elizabeth Jones’ new offering. This unique guide includes Astrological insights and wisdom from the Tarot for the entire final quarter of 2021. You’ll get Elizabeth’s unique perspective into the cosmic energies taking place and the mystical and spiritual significance they hold.

Included are four Tarot readings (audio) specially created by Elizabeth plus a concise and easy-to-use 5-page reference guide (PDF) for the time of Solar Libra (9/22 to 10/22), Solar Scorpio (10/22 to 11/21) and Solar Sagittarius (11/21-12/21). This guide was carefully designed so that anyone, regardless of their level of Astrological or Tarot knowledge, will benefit from the information given. It is truly unique and so easy to use. 

“The final of quarter of 2021 is loaded with several dynamic and rare aspects indicating that important shifts, events and opportunities are coming in the months ahead. On this report I give you insights into these key events, many of which I feel to be the most significant of the year. My hope is that you’ll find Quarterly Beacon enlightening and genuinely helpful in navigating this most intriguing closing to what has been an amazing year.”

In light,


Included on Libra Equinox Quarterly Beacon:

  • Elizabeth’s unique overview of what’s in store from September 22nd until December 21st.
  • Insights into the key astrological events for the quarter & for each month 
  • Insights into the New and Full Moons, as well as Lunar and Solar Eclipses, for this quarter 
  • Insights into the key aspects between planets 
  • Plus four TAROT readings in Elizabeth’s unique style providing you with plenty of insights for the entire quarter (100 minutes!)
  • What the single most noteworthy influence holds for the quarter & what it means to you spiritually.
  • What are the other most significant, dynamic and unusual aspects (and times) are (there are several) and how they could influence you and the World at large.
  • The Lunations (New Moons, Full Moons and Eclipses) are quite extraordinary…but which ones are especially significant and potent? And which does Elizabeth feel to be the most spiritual significant and why (Hint: It’s the final lunation of 2021).
  • All this info in a 5-page PDF for quick reference + audios of 4 special Tarot readings.

Quarterly Beacon ~ now 50% off $35 just $17


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“I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge on the Beacon.
As well as being enlightening, inspiring and helpful,
it is so well thought out and easy to use!”  ~ Carol

Quarterly Beacon now 50% off $35 just $17


Buy Now 

You’ll be referring to the Quarterly Beacon and listening (and re-listening)
to the Tarot readings throughout the quarter! 


Hi Elizabeth ~ I am getting so much out of the Beacon! Having your information makes me feel much better equipped to meet the times we’re in, and your wise words inspire and even comfort me when the road ahead looks a little rough. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you’re doing to provide this! ~Dale

Elizabeth ~ You make things so clear and relatable which really appeals to those of us with limited astrology knowledge yet want insights on how to navigate these challenging times. Your guidance on the higher and lower aspects of each months energies is incredibly helpful and unique.

I think of you as a lighthouse in the midst of all the rough seas. Thank you ~ Pat

Dear Elizabeth ~ I’ve just ordered Quarterly Beacon and just had to email to tell you how truly stunning and enlightening it is! It will be so helpful in navigating the times we’re in going forward. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your wisdom and kind communications of truth. I’m so excited to be a part of your new offering! ~Rahima