Spring Quarterly Beacon + 2022 AEG

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Spring Quarterly Beacon

for March 20th to June 21st 2022

2022 has been a very dynamic and challenging year thus far. Clearly we are in a time of significant change where the status quo is being upset on several fronts. Having an understanding of what is going on astrologically offers some clarity while giving a path forward…one that is attuned with the process of personal and planetary evolution that is now unfolding at a rapid rate with a strong initiatory feeling to it where many beginnings (and endings) will and are taking place.  

If you haven’t already check out my 2022 AstroEvent Guide: This is my 18th year (!) of creating the AstroEvent Guide (AEG), a unigue 2-page guide to astro-events taking place each year (more below).  

My hope is that you’ll find these offerings enlightening and informative in navigating the dyamic and challenging times we are facing.
Sending you blessings, inspiration and light,
Elizabeth Jones 
Astrologer and Tarot Reader

Spring Quarterly Beacon ~ 2022: Now Available!
{Astro & Tarot insights for 3/20 -6/21 }

Included on the Quarterly Beacon:

  • An overview of the key astrological events in the quarter from both a “mundane” and a spiritual perspective and their impact on your personally.
  • Elizabeth’s intuitive and spiritual insights into the 2nd quarter of 2022. 
  • The key aspects between the planets and what they mean for you personally and spiritually as well as the World at large. 
  • There are several key significant and intense times in the next 90-days. Elizabeth discusses these and their possible impacts.
  • Insights into the three New and three Full Moons of the quarter (2 of which at potent eclipses).
  • Plus you’ll get five TAROT readings in Elizabeth’s unique style providing you with insights for the entire quarter (100 minutes!).
    Tarot readings are for:
  • How to attune to the higher frequencies available this quarter? (T-1)
  • What is the energy of each month in the quarter? (3 readings total) (T-2)
  • Insights into your question, issue or situation. (T-3)
  • All this info in a 6-page PDF for quick reference + audios of 5 specially created Tarot readings.

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Included on 2022 Astro Event Guide :

  • Concise, handy listing of all key astrological events for the year.
  • Key events by month (aspects, lunations and more)
  • Key events by degree (a unique view of the year’s key events by degree and sign)
  • Mercury retrograde periods (including when it hits the shadow point)
  • All New and Full Moons, as well as Lunar and Solar Eclipses
  • Planetary stations: When and where each planet turns retrograde or direct
  • Planetary ingresses: When each planet changes signs
  • Key aspects between planets (included are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).
  • All this info color-keyed and on two pages for quick reference!

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100% satisfaction guaranteed! If for any reason you are not satisfied, just let us know within 15 days of your order and we will refund the amount of your purchase, no questions asked. We want you to be happy with your Astro Event Guide & Quarterly Beacon!

“In my 35+ years as a student of, and then professional astrologer, I have NEVER come across anything like AEG! I print off several copies (you can too) and place them in sheet protectors for ease of use and refer to it often throughout the year!” ~Elizabeth”


What others say about the Quarterly Beacon:


“I literally listened to the QB Fall Tarot-1 many times and heard something different and at a deeper level each time I did. QB is amazing!”

“As always I listen to every bit of your monthly, and now quarterly,  information. Always so full of insight and guidance. You were so blessed to have your grandfather as your teacher!”

“I really like the new format of the Quarterly Beacon. It offers a lot of insight and guidance in a super concise format.”

“Your offerings are such a gift. I am always amazed at the depth of the insights and wisdom you share & QB is certainly loaded with them!”

“Hello Elizabeth~ I’ve probably been following you for about 20 years. I first heard you on Jennifer McClean’s show. Every time you go into an evolution you become deeper and more meaningful. This is a beautiful and again, meaningful offering. So on the mark and relevant for the times we are in.”

“Once again I have been blown away by this quarter’s Tarot readings. Each one is so thoughtful and insightful. Thank you for all the love and time and effort you put into this.”

I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge on the Beacon. As well as being enlightening, inspiring and helpful,
it is so well thought out and easy to use!


Elizabeth-Thank you for your new concise, informative and easy-to-use Quarterly Beacon. It is FANTASTIC and exactly what is needed. It is useful, practical and simple to refer to. I will really enjoy listening to your specially tuned-in wisdom on the Tarot audio tracks. (I’m sure I’ll listen more than once!) Your offerings are the brightest star out there and I am joyously looking forward to the new light you will be sharing each quarter of 2022.
Much love and light.


Elizabeth – You truly occupy a unique space of wisdom & astrology with a good measure of common sense which is what is so needed during these times. For those of us with limited astrology knowledge you make things clear and relatable without going down the rabbit hole.

I think you really appeal to those of us wanting more practical information in how to navigate these challenging times. Your guidance on the higher and lower aspects of each months energies is incredibly helpful and unique. I think of you as a lighthouse in the midst of all the rough seas.



What others say about the AstroEvent Guide:

Thank you so much for this truly valuable resource. I’ve been using AEG for years and hope you offer it for many years to come.


The AstroEvent Guide is such a wonder! So handy to have all this 2022 info on a 2-page guide. I refer to it often throughout the year. So glad you’re still doing after all this time!


Thank you for continuing to offer this wonderful product! I write an astrology column and use it constantly for reference. What a great service you provide.


“Hi Elizabeth, just wanted to congratulate you on a unique, useful, and well planned product! I will be keeping the Astro Event Guide nearby!

GLENN PERRY Association for Psychological Astrology