The Star Beacon ~ Solar Gemini 2023

~ 5/21 to 6/21 ~

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(Update about what’s going on with Elizabeth as of 4/20/23)

“Rising inside of me is something more than I believe myself to be.”  ~Unknown
Welcome to The Star Beacon for the time of Solar Gemini, a time of connecting to your higher mind and accessing your “Field of Creative Alchemy.” The Star Beacon is currently available on a donation basis (which may change in the future). Please know whatever you donate it is truly appreciated.
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There are two parts to The Star Beacon:
1-A PDF that is 4-7 pages (depending on the month) which you’ll find below, has Astrological insights for the month (plus the Tarot questions are on the last page of the PDF). Please note: The information on the PDF is available in print only, not audio.

2-Two audio recordings include a Tarot reading (blue bar below) to help you get insights into how the astrological and cosmic energies during this time impact you at more personal and spiritual levels. Second I do a special visualization (teal bar below) designed to connect you to special beings from other realms to help you access the higher frequencies and assistance available each month.

Sending you blessings and light in these accelerated albeit often intense times,

~Elizabeth Jones

Star Beacon for Solar Gemini: PDF
May 21 to June 21
Download PDF here

NOTE: The astro-info on the PDF is not available in audio.

Tarot Reading + Visualization for Solar Gemini: 5/21 to 6/21

NOTE: Click on the white circle on the far right in the bars below to access this month’s Tarot reading and visualization.
*Tarot Overview for the Month: Reading that assist you in attuning to the energies present during this time (blue bar).
*Meditation: Meeting Your Higher Mind (teal bar).

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Tarot Reading: Equinox Energies Impact On You! (Solar Gemini 5/21-6/21)

TAROT: How the energies present this month relate to you personally… 

The Tarot is a wonderful symbolic and mystical reflection of the astrological and cosmic energies that stream forth through the planets during this time. Each year we arrive at four crossroads on our annual journey through the Zodiac: The two equinoxes and the two solstices which is when the Sun changes from mutable to cardinal signs, ushering in a new season. Each of these represents a time of transition and of opportunity. I see them as check-in points. Of these four, the Aries Equinox in March is the most significant since it is the beginning of the new Zodiac year and thus begins a new solar cycle. Let’s see what the Tarot has to offer about what you can expect this quarter!

PLEASE NOTE: The sound quality of the Tarot reading isn’t as good as I’d like… So sorry! Working on it…hopefully it’ll be better next month.



1-What can I do to engage my higher mind?  Page of Pentacles

2-What might be blocking me from doing this?  King of Pentacles

3-What’s most important for me to focus on?
-Internally (inner/vertical life):  7 of Swords
-Externally (outer/horizontal life):  3 of Rods with the Star XVII  

4-What is my intuition trying to tell me about this time?   King of Swords 

5-What gift will I receive during the next 4+ weeks?  Strength VIII 

6-What message does Spirit have for me now?  Judgement XX  

Visualization for Solar Gemini: Meeting Your Higher Mind

Gemini Meditation: Meeting Your Higher Mind

About this Month’s Visualization  During this time of Solar Gemini answers and insights can be more available to you. The reason for this is that Gemini rules your lower mind, those things that you are consciously aware of, and is one end of the portal for connecting to your Higher Mind, which resides in the Realms of Light. In this month’s meditation you will be given greater access to your Higher Mind, with the help of Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods. each carry a spark of the Divine within us. 
*NOTE: This visualization is from ACM June 2017




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