Gifts at the Close of the Piscean Age

Preface to this message…
For several months I have been getting a message that in the transition from one age to the next that the previous age we are transitioning out of carries a unique significance making it as meaningful as the new one coming in. As I internally explored this idea, greater insights about this quickly came. Here, I am going to explore what this means and especially to each of us personally and spiritually as we ride the waves from one age to the next…

In the early 1970’s my Grandfather, and first teacher, said something while staring out a window, as though he was deep in thought. What he said has stayed with me all these years, and seems especially relevant now:

“Your being alive now–at the Shift of Ages–is such a precious gift for there are billions of souls wishing to incarnate at this time, for in the decades to come you’ll be able to grow and learn at an accelerated pace allowing you to fulfill a your soul purpose during this critical turning point.”

Fast forward to 2022…
Recently on Twitter some random person tweeted: “Do you know your purpose?” This is certainly not the first time I’ve read or been presented with this question, yet for some reason it affected me at a different level this time, as though some higher force wanted me to re-consider this anew now.

I took it into meditation and asked: “So what is my purpose? Why am I here now?” hoping to get greater clarity about this age-old query.

I heard: “It was important for you to be here at the Shift of Ages.”

I thought about this for a moment and then asked: “Ok, but why?”

I heard: “To incorporate what you have learned during the Age of Pisces so that you can carry those into the Age of Aquarius both in this lifetime and also into future lifetimes. As you consciously embody the essence of these lessons in this lifetime, during the transition of Ages, they will imprint upon you a very unique set of codes…ones that will forever be a part of you. This is the primary reason your Grandfather said ‘billions of souls are seeking to incarnate at this time’ for it is indeed a unique opportunity and privilege to have these codes imprinted upon your permanent atom*.”

After a moment as I took this in, they continued: “What is especially unique about this time is that as you engage and incorporate the cosmic agenda and qualities of the Piscean Age now waning, the more you will be able to utilize those lessons which have become qualities and attributes, which will greatly help you to navigate the challenges of this time. Further these very attributes will be the Light you offer to others and to the world, now so very much needed.”

I have re-read this statement several times and each time it reverberates deeper, opening doors within me that bring further clarity about why I, and others, were incarnated at this dynamic time. This profound message led to the following insights about the role of Virgo and Pisces…

About the Virgo-Pisces Polarity…
The twelve signs of the Zodiac fall into six sets that are 180˚ from each other. These sets of signs are opposite but complementary energies that are inextricably interconnected. It is important to keep in mind that we each have all 12 signs in our own charts.

This quote speaks to the dynamic between Virgo and Pisces:

 “Our job is to harmonize in the middle realm the powers of the Upper World
with the powers of the lower world.”
~Native American saying

Think of the Upper World as being related to Pisces and the lower, or physical world, as being related to Virgo. Their dynamic relationship holds a key to understanding their importance now and in fact a case could be made that the energy coming through the Virgo-Pisces polarity is as significant as the new energies being ushered in during this stage of the transition between the Ages we are currently in.

When we look around we see a world that is simply overwhelmed with all that is going on and it seems more challenges are added all the time. It is increasingly clear that the priorities, systems and structures of the previous cycle, those created during the Age of Pisces, are based on an outdated paradigm that is simply no longer able to respond to the issues it created. As Albert Einstein brilliantly said:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

And indeed many solutions can be found at the higher frequencies of the age that is passing: the Age of Pisces. More on that in a minute…

About the closing of an Age… A short version:

In the overall cosmic scheme of things we, as incarnated souls, are here to learn various qualities that come through and resonate with the higher frequencies of each Zodiac sign. We encounter these qualities in varying forms every day, month and year to some degree depending upon what is going on astrologically. They show up in many ways including our experiences, challenges, lessons, gifts and opportunities, all intended to help us grow and evolve.

These qualities are the primary cosmic agendas of an Age, each of which lasts approximately 2500 years. The Age of Pisces began around the time that Jesus was born and in many esoteric, spiritual and religious traditions he is known as “the Avatar of the Age of Pisces.”

Each of us had several incarnations throughout the 2500 years of the Piscean Age. During these lifetimes we experienced many things with an underling but ever present objective being that we learn about the higher qualities of this age though the challenges we faced.

And now, at the close of the age, those of you who are Light-workers and are on a path of enlightenment have available to you many of the higher qualities of Pisces you learned in this and in previous incarnations. This is a key reason why you are here now, at the close of this age: To recognize and embody these qualities and then to bring their gifts with others, and to the Earth herself, during this challenging transition. This very process is a critical aspect to how the cosmic agendas, codes and patterns of the Aquarian Age can descend to this realm.  

Guru Singh calls these attributes learned in past lives “previous mastery” and further says:

“Intuition … seeing the unseen … knowing the unknown … not being blocked by the illusion of time, and having the ability to turn knowledge into wisdom: These are essential skills for the job of guiding this present moment into the future.”

Once all this started coming to me so many things made sense about being a Light-worker such as why many of you reading this are also empaths and “sensitives” (qualities of Pisces). It also contributes to why many often feel out of place and different than our birth families.

Another attribute that I’ve heard many times is that Light-workers, empaths and/or healings didn’t really learn their gifts and offerings as much as simply remembered them suggesting that the development of those gifts occurred in a previous lifetime or lifetimes.

Let’s take a breath and recap: Through incarnating at different times and into many situations, you learned the lessons associated with the cosmic agendas laid out for the Age of Pisces. Through this process of incarnating many times during the last 2500 years the lessons and challenges were learned and overcome and slowly transformed into the higher qualities and frequencies of Pisces. These qualities were imprinted upon you at birth in this lifetime… to be activated at just the right time, as you awoke to and remembered your true essence. This is still an ongoing process that comes in waves and now, in the final phase of the Age of Pisces, what were in previous incarnations challenges and lessons to be learned are now the gifts of the Age of Pisces and yours to utilize at this time, in the transition from one age to the next.

Further, and this is critical, the higher qualities of Pisces will help support you in navigating the challenges you face during this time of accelerated personal and planetary evolution taking place in this transition to the Age of Aquarius. In addition these will also likely define the work you came here to do…work that is so crucial at this time.

Some qualities developed during incarnations during the Age of Pisces…
atto varying degrees mastered: Faith, devotion, intuition, access to ancient knowledge, humility, surrender, tolerance, unconditional love, profound compassion and empathy, willingly being of service and working with energy systems such as found in our bodies and the Earth herself. Other attributes of Pisces are kindness and having a sweet, gentle temperment. NOTE: Pisces also serves to remind us that we need to retreat from the world at times in order to rejuvenate and reconnect with the Divine which is so important now.

The Virgo piece: These qualities are enhanced and best utilized when expressed through Virgo energy as these attributes allow you to apply and use them in your every day life through your daily encounters, routines, habits and patterns (all ruled by Virgo). This sign also rules such things as being discerning, making wise choices, committing to spiritual practices and life styles and the quality of the attention we give to our actions in the present moment. It is through these types of things, and others, that the Piscean qualities can truly become useful and practical tools.

Basically Virgo energies are essential to us incorporating, assimilating and ultimately embodying these higher parts of our own nature…those that are imprinted upon our atoms waiting for activation. A good motto for the integration of the energies of these two signs is that it is that knowing and doing (Virgo) are integral to embracing and becoming (Pisces).

When Virgo and Pisces meet…
The Piscean qualities given above, if not consciously incorporated into our daily life (Virgo), are only a shadow of what they could be and so have less impact on the world than is possible. From the Virgo side, actions and decisions made without a higher purpose in mind (Pisces) have little meaning and keep us in the same place. Yet as we live in ways that honor both these signs we create a life that is in sync with the natural flow of life and becomes a spiritual and alchemical way of being and living.

There is another way these two opposing signs are “inextricably interconnected” and complement each other: No other pair of signs has this kind of impact on both our inner, spiritual path and our outer everyday life hence their relevance to the times we’re in now.

Additionally it is also Virgo who reminds us to tend to and nurture ourselves, especially important during these challenging times. Listen to your intuition as to what you need…follow your inner knowing…retreat when necessary to refuel and rejuvenate yourself. If you don’t you can become overwhelmed, weary and discouraged (lower frequencies of Virgo and Pisces.)

Ways to incorporate and utilize Virgo-Pisces energies:
*Use visualization to imagine yourself utilizing and embodying these Piscean qualities.

*Write about what your life would be like if you more fully incorporated these gifts and abilities.

*In meditation or as you drift off to sleep imagine what your dream life looks and feels like. See your dream self in your future.

*Use (and trust) your inner voice and knowing to discern truth from illusion and to help you make wise decisions.

*Practice mindfulness and being in the present moment.

*Insights, messages and answers are appearing more and more often these days. Trust that the guidance and answers you need will be both of a spiritual and practical nature and so totally doable!

*Give special attention to the things that make up your day, for miracles and magic can be present (or hidden) in the details of your life.

*Call upon your Spiritual Warrior…that part of your being that can handle anything. Your Spiritual Warrior is there to help you, often in very practical ways in dealing with whatever is going on in your environment. This will help you to feel safe, protected and not alone.

*Use your imagination to envision what the New Age that we are transitioning to can be. See the world united and working together.

May you travel In Light…always,


*Permanent atom is a term used in various esoteric circles to describe that unique aspect of ourselves which we carry from lifetime to lifetime.

Feel free to share this article however please do so without change or alteration, giving credit to: & Elizabeth Jones

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