About My Grandfather...

Ralph Jones


We began talking about spiritual subjects, theosophy, reincarnation, the planes of creation, and of course, Astrology, when I was young. We would spend hours talking about these topics I found so fascinating, often late into the night. He had great knowledge and wisdom and so much to teach me.

One of the most profound concepts he shared me in the early 1970’s was how amazing it was to be alive now, at this powerful time of acceleration on the planet.
He said it this way:

“Your being alive now is a precious gift. Indeed, there are billions of Souls wanting to incarnate at this time of the Shift of Ages, for in the decades to come you’ll be able to grow and evolve if you so choose, furthering the evolution of your soul at an accelerated pace. As you do you’ll be working off the karma of 5 lifetimes in only a few years.”

And now here are, in the changing times he spoke of and so wanted to be here for a live through himself. It’s clear that these are indeed unique and powerful times. As the intensity and severity of the times we live in unfold, it is only too easy to slip into a place of fear, anxiety, worry and confusion. When this happens, I often go within in hopes of hearing his comforting and wise voice once more.

During one such time, he indeed gave me a message which I would like to share with you:

“You have prepared lifetimes for this time. Go within often, even if for just a few minutes, for guidance, to get replenished and strengthen your resolve, to turn over your anxiety and fear and then to remember your essence.”

Many Blessings and Light on your Path.

Elizabeth Jones

My grandfather, Ralph F. Jones, was my first teacher and mentor. From my youth, Gramp was there to answer my questions, encourage my natural curiosity for all things spiritual and spark my interest in Astrology and related subjects. I have fond memories of he and I talking for hours, never running out of topics to discuss. It seemed I always had many questions about life and he was there to answer them. His wisdom, patience and unconditional love helped to shape who I am today.

Gramp was born June 3, 1895, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He spent his childhood in Redwing, Minnesota, later attending the University of Minnesota. He transferred to Cornell University, graduating with an Engineering degree in 1919. In 1920 he married his college sweetheart, Louise Roux (whom I am named after, Louise being my middle name). They had two children: my aunt and my father.

During the 1930’s, Gramp followed his parents to Southern California, where he stayed for many years. Some of you may know that there was quite a significant Spiritual and Theosophical movement in Southern California at that time. My grandparents attended many such events such as Manly Hall lectures, which Gramp often spoke to me about. He was also involved with another group whose particular focus was the channelings of an advanced being, Phylos. I was fortunate to inherit transcripts of some of those channelings, which I may put on this site one day.

I used to visit Gramp in North Hollywood in the 60’s and 70’s. During these visits, we would have many of those wonderful, long talks. My interest in Astrology really took hold in the early 1970’s, and he and I would often talk deep into the night on a myriad of Astrological and Metaphysical topics.

Gramp’s interest in these subjects came from his mother, Minnie, who was also a student of the Occult and Theosophy. In fact, she had her grandchildren’s horoscopes (my father and aunt) done by the wife of Alan Leo*, a noted astrologer in her own right. I still have those interpretations and found them to be quite accurate over the years! Minnie kept very detailed journals on her studies of various Theosophical and Metaphysical subjects. I also inherited those, which are truly fascinating.

Gramp passed over in April 1982. I feel incredibly blesssed to have had his guidance, love and wisdom to nurture my spirit and also my metaphysical interests in so many ways.

I lovingly dedicate this website to him, as well as to the Light in each of us.


*Alan Leo was a famous English astrologer and metaphysician born in 1860. He wrote many books, which are still being published and used today. For more information on him, go here:

“Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean.”