~ A Technique for Dealing with Negativity and Fear ~

“Only by bringing the Light exactly to where we are standing in life
can we transform and evolve beyond.”

~Isabel Hickey, Astrologer~

From 2023 through 2026 there will be several major astrological influences that may generate an atmosphere of heightened worry, stress, turmoil and anxiety when expressed at the lower frequencies. This can make it quite a challenge to control and manage such feelings or thoughts and return to a neutral place, let alone one that is positive and hopeful.

Most would agree that these are pretty intense and chaotic energies and that it’s a challenge to stay positive and centered. Yet that is what is required to be of service and to spread the light that is available to you. Something that I constantly remind myself is that at a soul level I consented to be here now, at this Shift of the Ages. And in fact it is a privilege to be here…yet that doesn’t mean that this ever-changing environment we are in is easy.

PLEASE NOTE that this technique can be done whenever you’re feeling negative emotions or are worried, anxious, etc. regardless of if you’re consciously aware of the source or cause.

In order to adjust to this new reality that seems to change almost daily we are currently in we need to find ways to stay present to our lives while also moving forward in the directions we want to go without getting discouraged by whatever is going on around us. Recently this has felt like an overwhelming and confusing task for many. Yet we each must find a way to regain center over and over again as needed…to discover or rediscover ways to restore internal order and to continue to hold onto hope.

Here are some things you  may be experiencing…

  • Your rational mind runs wild and goes into panic or fear over something real or imagined.
  • Repetitive negative thinking can also occur more frequently and be like a vicious loop that is really difficult to stop which can also make it difficult to sleep and rest.
  • Many of you may be quite sensitive and even psychic which may increase your vulnerability to such things. You may take in other people’s fearful thoughts or negative energy whether you are conscious of it or not. I refer to this as being a “psychic sponge.”
  • Lastly grief and depression may be more pronounced than usual. Sometimes you may not even really know why you’re feeling such things (it can be related to events that originated long ago or even in a past life or from the collective consciousness).

This simple technique is helpful in managing difficult emotions, feelings and/or thoughts that arise during challenging times as it increases the light in your body which will neutralize negativity. Consider what happens when you light a candle in a dark space! The Light simply replaces the dark.

Do this in a place where you feel comfortable and won’t be disrupted

  • Breathe deeply saying to yourself: “I am a Being of Light.” Give yourself time to settle down and to relax.
  • Now imagine a clear ball about the size of a basketball floating gently towards you. With your right hand, reach out allowing it to land there.
  • As you hold it before you, go over your body with your mind and take note of where you may be holding any fear, tension or negativity. As you find one, take your left hand and imagine that you are removing it from your body and placing negative emotion or thought into the ball of light. You needn’t be concerned with how this happens…simply trust that it is.
  • Continue to go through your entire body gathering any negative or uncomfortable emotion or feeling that feels fearful, heavy, hurtful or painful and place these into the ball.
  • Now go to your mind and gather any negative thoughts, anxiety or worries there and place them in the ball.
  • You may notice that the ball is now growing dimmer…this is all right and is as it should be.
  • After you have been doing this for a few minutes, continue to the next step. Rest assured that you can do this over and over until you feel clean and pure and so don’t be concerned that your “got all of the negativity out.”
  • Next, visualize that your crown chakra-just above your head-is opening and imagine that a great white light is slowly entering your body. You may notice that you immediately feel better and perhaps safer.
  • Allow the light to move through you. As it does, you feel lighter with an increased sense of wellbeing.
  • Next, hold out your left hand and see the light moving down your arm and into your hand. This may take a minute or two or it may happen almost instantly.
  • Then project the light from your left hand into the ball your right hand is now holding and is filled with the negativity, pain and fear that was in your body.
  • You then notice that the light is slowly overcoming the dark inside the ball…allow this to take as long as it feels necessary.
  • And then, once the ball is filled with light, imagine that it is drifting away like a bubble.
  • As it moves far above you, into the higher realms, it bursts and any negative energy that was held within now returns to the light and disperses there where it simply disappears. Remember that no darkness can exist in the Light.

You may do this as often as you like or feel the need to as it will strengthen your emotional, mental and etheric bodies so that you will become, over time, less susceptible to negative energy, impressions, thoughts or feelings regardless of their source, internal or external.

In Light,