Affirmations for Each Astrology Sign


We are what we think about all day.

Every astrological sign has lower and higher expressions, and many in between. By consciously choosing to focus on the higher energies of your Sun, Moon and ascendant signs, you are exercising your free will to raise your frequency. This can be facilitated through the awareness of what the higher expressions of the signs prominent in your birth charts are.

Below are affirmations for each sign. To use them, read those for your Sun, Moon and Ascendant and consider the qualities given. Print them off and read them daily, or as often as you feel the need to be reminded of your own highest Self that is seeking to express through you. Ask your Guides and Angels for assistance in tuning into these qualities given in the affirmations.


I choose to consciously remember that I carry a spark of the Divine within me.
I know that my purpose will be revealed to me as I honor this.
I hear the Call of my authentic Self, knowing that only I can fulfill my part.
I know that my True authority is Spirit and thus choose to respond to the Divine Impulse within.


I consciously chose to connect with and nurture the Divine spark within me.
I claim what is mine and let go of what is not.
I am worthy of joy, love and contentment.
I have enough, I do enough, I am enough.


My mind is open and spacious so that I may perceive the highest truth possible for me at this time.
I honor the power of my words and use them wisely.
I am flexible, adaptable and open to learn new experiences and ideas.
I listen with care and attentiveness.


I open to my deep bonds with Life.
I connect deeply with Mother God and welcome Her nurturing and healing love deep into my being.
I claim my Spiritual heritage.
I am always Home when I connect within.


I open to the highest expression possible of my own Godself.
I draw my strength from Spirit and am filled with the courage needed to move forward.
I choose to connect to the life force within me.
I am viral, loving, strong, generous and alive!


I release what no longer serves my highest good and welcome ways to live more simply.
I let go of perfectionistic striving.
I am grateful for this time to focus on serving with a joyful attitude.
I wisely choose what I put into my body, mind and heart.


I know that peace and love are at the core of my being.
I open my heart to access that peace and I share it freely with other.
I walk with grace and in harmony with those around me.
I open myself to the Divine Order that is expressing itself in my life now.


I acknowledge the power that is within me, knowing that the source is Divine.
I honor all others, trusting that they are exactly where they must be.
I am transformed and renewed by the magic and mystery that is now and eternal.
I know that peace is at the core of my being.


I trust life and know that I am a part of it.
I am open to renewal by allowing old beliefs to fall away.
I connect to the vastness of my being and the spaciousness of my mind.
I am unlimited and free and allow others their freedom.


I am aligned with my highest will and thereby create order and peace naturally.
I release my struggle with life.
I accept compassion and gentleness as divine aspects of my being.
I choose to manifest consciously and with integrity.


I am willing to enter a direct relationship with the Divine.
I open myself to knowing that reality is a Living Presence, and that I am an integral and vital part of that.
I share my uniqueness with the human family, for the highest good.


I release that which no longer serves my highest path.
I open to guidance, insights and assistance from my guides, inner teachers and angels.
I ask to be shown my part in helping and assisting others.
I unconditionally love my self and others.
I accept with gratitude the many gifts Spirit has bestowed upon me.

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“Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect. Our lives become beautiful because we put our heart into whatever we do.”