Readings With Elizabeth

My New Year reading cycle is now full.
I plan to do another cycle later this year (May-June).

If you would like to be notified of when that is, and you’re not sure if you’re on my contact list you can sign up here: 

If you’re an existing client you can email me directly at:   if you would like get a reading before then as I will be doing a few for existing clients before then.

Some comments & links about 2024:
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As we continue going deeper into these accelerated and evolutionary times, it is so helpful to find out what is going on with your own chart as the Cosmic energies, Astrological and otherwise, are constantly shifting, bringing you opportunities to align with your Soul path and true purpose. 

I’m sensing that something is different about the year ahead  …  perhaps you are too? It just feels as though there is a kind of alchemy present that could take us beyond old patterns (affecting the world at large as well) and identities, moving us towards a whole new level or vibration.

The dynamic events taking place this year (see Pluto in Aquarius) are rare and have the potential to shift things on both the inner/subtle realms and in your outer life, often in unexpected and interesting ways open doors, even those that have resisted movement, bringing profound realizations, experiences and awakenings, shifting us from one level to another in a relatively short period of time. 

About my readings:
In a reading, my goal and hope is to give you insights and clarity that can help you in connecting with the special energies present as well as give you tools and keys for navigating the challenges associated with the rapid changes taking place.
Sending you blessings, peace and light in 2024,


What others are saying about readings with Elizabeth

“I just had my first reading with you and I want to thank you so much. 

I can’t tell you how filled with positive energy I felt after we spoke. Your encouragement and hopeful outlook helped more than you know in dealing with our current challenge. I can now look forward to closing old doors and opening new ones with more confidence. I’m already looking forward to talking to you again in the near future! Many blessings to you for the wonderful work you are doing.


“There is something very powerful about how you communicate and articulate information which is clearly brought forth from the Universe.

You certainly have a gift, not only of interpreting the charts and Tarot, but for explaining complex and mystical topics in ways that are understandable and meaningful to me personally. Thank you for sharing your gifts through the years.


“Our phone reading was so powerful and incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for being who you are, for your gifts, for tuning in at such a deep, spiritual level…and especially for communicating it all so clearly.

Elizabeth, you gave me hope!


“I just finished re-listening to my reading with you and words cannot describe how much I appreciate your clarity and insights and your laughter and fun, too. This has really, really, (really) helped me and given me a sense of focus and determination going forward! 

I had been wavering and feeling overwhelmed and just can’t tell you how much this has helped me make sense of it all. Thank you so much Elizabeth. I will definitely be re-listening to this again as I’m sure I will keep hearing new things!


“I just got off the phone from our reading and had to write and let you know…

how calming and reassuring it was for me. I found your wise and gentle counsel comfortable, remarkably accurate and insightful. You gave me information that I’ve truly never heard from anyone else! Your gift is truly exceptional. Wow…just wow.


“Your ability to interpret the “cosmic winds” is a rare gift…

I have had several readings over the years and never before has anyone really “gotten me” like you did. I felt as though you somehow connected to my very soul. You have given me strength, renewed my courage and brought me a sense of calm and direction during a preplexing and challenging time.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.