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III. Privacy Policy

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IV. Use of Information & Limitation of Liability

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When using any services of Elizabeth Jones Astrology, Monthly Beacon, Planets of Light, Zodiac of Light, AstroCurrentsMonthly.com, AstroCurrents.com,  AstrologyofLight.com and/or StarPathways.com, you agree to the following: That any and all written, audio, recorded or verbal services, information and material provided by and through Elizabeth Jones and www.elizabethjonesastrology.com, www.monthlybeacon.com, www.planetsoflight.com, www.astrocurrentsmonthly.com, www.astrologyoflight.com, www.starpathways.com through consultations, conversations, audio recordings, articles or other means is solely for informational, educational and entertainment purposes. Your interpretations and use of this material is done solely at your own risk.

Further, all information given by Elizabeth Jones does not override advice received from other professionals, including but not limited to medical, psychological, financial and/or other business professionals. All medical problems, physical or emotional, should be addressed directly by a qualified licensed professional. Elizabeth Jones is not qualified to diagnose medical or emotional conditions and cannot be held responsible for such medically related decisions based on astrological or other information. You agree to use the services of Elizabeth Jones, Elizabeth Jones Astrology, Monthly Beacon, Planets of Light, Zodiac of Light, Astro Currents Monthly, AstroCurrents.com, Astrology of Light and StarPathways and the information and material given at your own risk.

V. Refund Policy for Readings

  • Once you have prepaid for you session, a 100% refund is allowed if you notify me in writing no less than 14 days prior to your scheduled session. Please note that I must acknowledge receipt of your email requesting your cancellation and refund before the 14 days before your session.
  • If you have prepaid for your session, an 80% refund is allowed if you notify me in writing no less than 3 to 13 days prior to your scheduled session. Please note that I must acknowledge receipt of your email requesting your cancellation and refund before the 3 to 13 days before your session.
  • No refunds are given if you cancel within 3 days of your session. However, you can reschedule your reading for another time.
  • IF YOU MISS YOUR APPOINTMENT, without contacting me, you will be charged a $50 fee. However, you can reschedule your session, once you have paid the fee, regardless of the length of the reading you purchased. The only exception to this is if a true emergency kept you from keeping your appointment. Please know that the primary reason I do this is because I often have a waiting list and could have given your time to someone else had I known, even at the last minute, that you were unable to keep your appointment.
  • Due to the nature of this being a service, no refunds are allowed once you have had your reading with me.

VI. Refund Policy for Monthly Beacon

If you sign up for Monthly Beacon and decide within 48 hours of your purchase that it is not something you are interested in, you will be refunded in full and your membership will be canceled. You MUST email us requesting this within 48 hours of your order to be given a full refund. Please note that because this is time-sensitive material any request for a refund cannot be honored beyond the 48 hours. You can cancel anytime you wish. Go here to learn more.

VII. Refund Policy for Planets of Light and/or Zodiac of Light and/or AstroEvent Guide

If you purchased the product(s) called “Planets of Light” or “Zodiac of Light” and/or “AstroEvent Guide” you can receive a full refund within 14 days of purchase. The request for refund must be received via email within 14 days from the date of your  purchase. Please note: these are digital products (MP3s and PDFs) and so are available immediately upon your order being complete. It is advised that you review the content soon after your purchase so that you can determine if it is something you want to use and keep.

Requests for refunds must be received in writing via email. Please send your email here:

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