Pluto in Aquarius

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On January 20th 2024 just after the Sun enters Aquarius, Pluto, the Great Transformer also enters Aquarius and will be there for most of 2024*… and this really has my attention as it’s sure to generate some genuine and impactful awakenings and bring significant realizations on various fronts and levels–personally and globally.

There is much to say about this momentous celestial event (as well as much to discover about its cosmic agenda in Aquarius, which I will be writing about in the months and years to come).

Pluto was discovered in February 1930 and because its orbit around the Sun takes 248 years it has never been in Aquarius since its discovery (it was last in Aquarius in 1777).

This is significant for two key reasons: Since astronomers and astrologers didn’t even know Pluto existed until 1930, they weren’t recording its impact on society or on individuals though some of that can be reconstructed through the historical events that took place. But really, it isn’t quite the same as living through it with conscious awareness.

Which takes me to the 2nd point: Each time one of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) were discovered it initiated an evolutionary shift in the collective, allowing each person who was incarnated then and thereafter to accelerate their own evolutionary process. (This is a complex dynamic…one that I go further into in Planets of Light). 

What Pluto in Aquarius is about: 

Pluto is the Great Transformer, and Aquarius the sign most associated with awakenings that open us to see things for what they truly are, beyond what we’ve been told or believed they are. Such a significant event will certainly generate its own brand of fireworks, chaos and unpredictability.

There are many ways that Pluto in Aquarius may impact you personally, especially while it is at the very early degrees (0˚ to 2˚) of Aquarius (2023-2024) as they are particularly potent. While here it will bring plenty of opportunities to engage and connect with the higher frequencies of this cosmic event…so this is just the beginning! Clarity, authenticity, originality, innovation, independence and freedom are all qualities that Pluto in Aquarius–the most revolutionary of all signs–will initiate. 

Here are some key themes related to Pluto in Aquarius (and what you may well experience this year and in the years ahead.)

  • Finding your own unique signature or essence especially in how it fits in with the collective (which includes your friends, community, etc.) It will bring opportunities for you to discover your own note or chord in the collective orchestra and then express in ways unique to you that which is your true Self. This will also allow you to find and know yourself in new and wonderful ways as well. Know that this is your own higher Self calling to you.
  • Pluto in Aquarius will show you ways to access to the treasure trove of the Divine qualities that lie deep within you. These were put in place pre-incarnation to assist you at various junctures and certainly in the time we are now entering as we cross the threshold that awaits us.
  • It can also lead you to sacred places within your being…ones where your Soul dreams reside, awaiting your presence so that they can emerge into your life. Here is where your Golden Potential can be found. Keep a watch out for innovative solutions and ideas, ones you’ve perhaps never considered. 
  • Pluto here brings keys for accessing the deep levels of your nature…seeking elemental truths and your true identity. Start by asking: “What do I truly need in order to thrive?” And “What does my Soul dream need to come alive?” Then be on the lookout for sparks that can activate what has been stagnant or stalled or lost. 

In a reading we will look how Pluto in Aquarius is impacting you personally and spiritually. 

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Pluto in Aquarius will have a big impact on the collective in both challenging and positive ways as it will reveal the worse and the best in humanity. I will be writing more on this in the future but this much is clear: Pluto’s impact here is calling for nothing less than the de-crystallization of the collective values that are based on the precepts of the previous age and that are no longer needed or appropriate in the coming age.

What a time to be alive!

May you always travel in Light,


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1/1 to 1/20: Capricorn
1/20 to 9/1: Aquarius
9/1 to 11/19: Capricorn
11/19 to 3/8/2043: Aquarius