Threshold Crossing ~ Welcome to 2024

“Think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration” – Nikola Tesla

While the New Year always brings with it the beginning of a new cycle, the astro-events taking place are more pronounced and significant in some years than others … and this is one of those years for that are many indications that we are, indeed, at the point of a significant threshold.

About crossing thresholds …
I looked up “threshold” in the dictionary and was intrigued by what I found:

  1. A point of entry or beginning.
  2. The magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result or condition to occur or to manifest.
  3. A level, rate or amount at which something comes into effect.

In the past few years we’ve been nearing this threshold and approaching that “point of crossing”, taking to a new place. Yet as the above says a certain magnitude or intensity needs to be reached before “a result can be manifested.” This means that until a certain limit is reached there won’t be “an effect” (#3). 

This is interesting since it makes clear that many things have to occur before an actual change takes place and thus, an effect manifested.

During the last several years, we’ve definitely been in the “ramp up” phase and it was natural to become impatient, feel hopeless and/or discouraged because no matter what we did things just didn’t seem to budge (in our private life) at least not in ways that we desired or intended.

We also witnessed that no matter what came to light or took place in the world at large, we noticed few changes or al least it seemed that way leaving many feeling that  things “will never change”  in the ways needed to reverse or shift the trajectory of life on Earth. And yet, they can and do change…under the right circumstances and when the aforementioned conditions have been met…those required for actual threshold crossing.

Then, often just when we’re about to loose hope and/or give up altogether, the right catalyst occurs that sets the long anticipated and hoped for changes in motion. And this is what is taking place in 2024. There are cosmic forces in play that will facilitate this. More on that in a minute…

We will be arriving at a few thresholds along the way during the year (and beyond), as one will lead to another and another, like dominos falling. These cascading events may very likely begin in the next few several weeks, which applies to each of us personally as well as to the world at large. 

Many are saying that they feel 2024 will be different… and indeed, some serious threshold crossing is just ahead. Such a significant event will also generate its own brand of fireworks, chaos and unpredictability. Pluto is the Great Transformer after all, and Aquarius the sign most associated with awakenings that open us to see things for what they truly are, beyond what we’ve been told or believed they are. Clarity, authenticity, originality, innovation, independence and freedom are all qualities that Pluto in Aquarius–the most revolutionary of all signs–will initiate. 

So much has been laid in the last several months, years and even decades (a lot of which has been taking place unseen, hidden from view) in preparation, bringing us to the arrival of the threshold that is now before us. Hence now things are “primed” and ready to go requiring just a little push to finally take us personally and collectively forward. 

In some areas forward progress is likely to occur rather quickly, even in the areas that haven’t budged or have moved at a snail’s pace in the past.

So what else is happening (astrologically) in 2024?

As you may have heard me say, I’ve found that whatever is going on astrologically right around the New Year sets the tone for the entire year, giving us a sense of what’s to come while also offering us keys for how to engage and align with the higher frequencies.

Key events taking place, starting with what’s taking us from 2023 into the New Year: 

>December 30th :  Jupiter—the Great Benefactor—stations direct which is a wonderful indication that the coming year will be one of expansion, abundance, thriving and an overall feeling of well-being.

Key dates to keep an eye on: Jupiter will be conjunct Uranus in the last half of April when unexpected events bring opportunities for growth and the manifestation of things you’ve been working towards for a while. 

Tarot cards associated with this event: The Empress (III), the 8 of Rods, and the Queen, Ace and 6 of Pentacles. Any of these may show up in readings around this time indicating movement, abundance and growth.

>January 1st : Mercury stations direct

While Mercury stations direct 3 or 4 times each year (see Astro Event Guide for dates) this is especially significant because it is occurring right at the New Year and because it is coinciding with the Jupiter station. This combination gives an “all systems are go” kind of vibe. Many of you may find that projects and those things you’ve been wanting but have been held up or delayed will begin to get traction. Plus your overall attitude and feelings of hope can be greatly bolstered by these events.

KEY: Take note of what you are instinctively and intuitively drawn to as well as what is coming towards you. Also pay attention to messages, ideas and insights you get during this time and in the first couple weeks of the New Year and they may be significant inn the coming weeks.

Pluto in Aquarius will be the real game-changer (as mentioned above) …

On January 20th, just after the Sun has entered Aquarius, Pluto, the Great Transformer, also enters Aquarius and will be here for most of 2024 (see dates below*)

This really has my (and a lot of astrologers) attention as it’s sure to generate some most significant events on various levels. 

There is much to say about this momentous celestial event (as well as much to discover about its cosmic agenda in Aquarius, which I will be writing about in the months and years to come). You can read more about Pluto in Aquarius here.

A note about Neptune in Pisces…

Mystical Neptune is nearing its journey through equally mystical Pisces (it entered in 2011). While in the last few degrees, it can help us all to do two things of particular importance at this time of transition and accelerated change:
1) To see and embrace the greater light that is now descending to this realm and
2) To create a stronger spiritual foundation in our lives.

While here, Neptune will continue to call us towards the our true soul identity for this is its primary task. As we heed the call, we can rest assured that we are on the highest path possible in any given moment, venture or project we may be involved in.

Sending you blessings, peace and light on your path,


Welcome to Star Pathways…

I’m Elizabeth Jones, Astrologer, Tarot reader and eternal student of many topics of a more esoteric and mystical nature. This said Astrology is my first love and here you’ll discover that it is a metaphysical science rich with profound spiritual and inspirational wisdom that can guide you through and better understand the dynamic times in which we live.

Interpreting and understanding Astrology’s true meaning and influences can be tricky, to say the least. That’s what I am here to do…offer you a lens through which to access the insights and guidance Astrology can provide.

In my several decades of studying Astrology, I have come to know it as an ancient, cosmic language that speaks to the most sacred and also the most mundane aspects of life. As we come to understand this language, it can guide and reveal to us the Cosmic intentions the Universe holds for us.

As you delve deeper into the mysterious world of Astrology, you will see that it also reveals an underlying order to our Universe, an order that is reflected throughout creation. When you tap into and align with this order, you will begin to see more clearly your place and purpose in the Universe, experience greater success in your endeavors, increased ease and peace of mind and over time, begin to feel that you are flowing with and not against the natural currents of life allowing you to connect with the cosmic agendas unfolding now.

My spiritual passion – both personally and professionally – is to keep learning and to share with you about the mysterious universe we live in and unlock its secrets as I’m sure we are meant to do for they hold our hope for the future and for finding our pathway home.

My Grandfather and first teacher said to me many yeas ago that from a spiritual perspective it is a great privilege to be alive now, during the Shift of the Ages. This is something I hold dear as it has helped inspire me many times during my life as I’ve faced challenges and arrived at crossroads. Having him as my mentor and guide from an early age was a blessing beyond what I can describe. My work, and this site, are dedicated to him.

You can learn more about me here and more about my grandfather and first teacher, Ralph Jones, here.

New Tools for This Time of Planetary Transition

I believe that humanity is in the midst of a major evolutionary transition…

…and to assist you in understanding and connected with the higher frequencie available I have created new tools to inspire, help and support you in navigating the challenges and dynamic shifts of this amazing and dynamic time.

As an Astrologer of 40+ years I’ve discovered many new and amazing things about Astrology. My sense is that they have always been there waiting to be revealed at the right time. And now, at this most significant turning point in humanitys’ evolution, these tools are coming to light, offering us all new ways of accessing the mysteries and depths of our own true nature and our destiny’s at this profound time.

My approach is to stay as open as I can to receive this new way to know and view Astrology and then to bring you those insights through innovative and unique tools, designed to help and guide you during this transformative and often challenging time.

Spiritually my hope is to offer you ways to bridge the gap between the Cosmic Light that Astrology points to and the Light within your being. To this end I am in the process of creating some new offerings to be available in 2024. 

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