We live in amazing times…
Culturally, socially, politically and spiritually.

I think it goes without saying that things have been pretty high-octane and, well, intense, as extraordinary events continue to happen almost daily!
What is all this about and what does the remainder of 2019 have in store for us?

A glimpse of the “Cosmic Agenda” can be gleaned by looking at the astrological influences taking place especially when viewed from a spiritual perspective. From this view it is clear that indeed we are in the midst of some powerful astrological cycles and influences that will keep things in a state of flux as shifting continues to take place on several levels.

Yet this is an underlying order present even if it often manifests as chaos and turmoil…and this is the vantage from which I view astrology and the events taking place.

Personally when you tap into and align with the cosmic forces at play, you will begin to see more clearly your place and purpose now, in your life plus experience greater success in your endeavors, increased ease and peace of mind and over time, begin to feel that you are flowing with and not against the natural currents of life.

Welcome to Star Pathways…

I’m Elizabeth Jones, Astrologer, Tarot reader and eternal student many topics of a more mystical nature. Astrology is my first love and here you’ll discover that it is a metaphysical science rich with profound spiritual and inspirational wisdom that can guide you through the dynamic times in which we now live.

Interpreting and understanding Astrology’s true meaning and influences can be tricky, to say the least. That’s what I am here to do…offer you a lens through which to access the insights and guidance Astrology can provide.

In my several decades of studying Astrology, I have come to know it as an ancient, cosmic language that speaks to the most sacred and also the most mundane aspects of life. As we come to understand this language, it can guide and reveal to us the Cosmic intentions the Universe holds for us.

As you delve deeper into the mysterious language of Astrology, you will see that it also reveals an underlying order to our Universe, an order that is reflected throughout creation. When you tap into and align with this order, you will begin to see more clearly your place and purpose in the Universe, experience greater success in your endeavors, increased ease and peace of mind and over time, begin to feel that you are flowing with and not against the natural currents of life.

This is my spiritual passion – both personally and professionally – to learn more about the mysterious universe we live in and unlock its secrets as I’m sure we are meant to do. For they hold our hope for finding our pathway home.

My Grandfather and first teacher said to me many yeas ago that from a spiritual perspective it is a great privilege to be alive now, during the Shift of the Ages. This is something I hold dear as it has helped me many times during my life as I’ve faced challenges and arrived at crossroads. Having him as my mentor and guide from an early age was a blessing beyond what I can describe.

You can learn more about me here and more about my grandfather and first teacher, Ralph Jones, here.

“Mankind was given two tools to help him find his way home. One is Alchemy and the other is Astrology.”


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New Tools for This Time of Planetary Transition

I believe that humanity is in the midst of a major evolutionary transition

and that to assist us in understanding and deal with what is occurring we are being given new kinds of the cosmic assistance to inspire, help and support us in navigating the challenges and dynamic shifts of this amazing and dynamic time.

As an Astrologer of 40+ years I’ve realized many new and amazing things about Astrology. My sense is that they have always been there waiting to be revealed now, at this most significant time in humankinds evolution. And as these come to light they bring us ways of seeing and accessing the mysteries and depths of our own nature and origins while also bringing profound insights and keys to traversing these times with greater ease, knowledge and grace.

My approach is to stay as open as I can personally to receive this new way to know Astrology and then to bring to you those insights through new and unique tools, offering guidance for the amazing and transformative times in which we live…to essentially present you with ways to bridge the gap between the Light that Astrology points us to and the Light within your being.

This way of viewing Astrology allows you, whether a novice or student of Astrology, a revolutionary pathway to help you to grasp and utilize this incredibly valuable wisdom helping you to not only better understand and deal with the challenges humanity is facing, but to also awaken you to the highest qualities of your Soul and to discover new tools for expressing the Light of your soul in your life.

To this end I have created two offerings that give you access to this “new Astrology” that is unique and applicable to the challenges you face and the hopes you hold for your life that are easily accessible for the novice.

Unique Tools to Guide You Along Your Path

Introducing Zodiac of Lightand Planets of Light

These unique tools have been created to bring you greater insights into your own spiritual nature, what is happening on the planet and what your individual roles, purpose and paths are.

A revolutionary system for Awakening Your Soul’s Destiny and Purpose…

Zodiac of Light (ZoL) will empower and enlighten you as you discover how to access the truth and warmth of your Soul by activating the Celestial Codes of the Zodiac signs (which you were imprinted with at birth).

This will enable you to connect with your Souls spiritual and mystical qualities. Doing so will open pathways for you to attune to and utilize the increased Light available now in the Shift of Ages.

You will never see your own sign, or any other, the same again!


A system for Aligning with Your Inner Light…

In Planets of Light (PoL) you’ll discover that the Planets are actually Great Beings of Light, here to assist you in many, many ways.

You will learn how to engage them to help you access your own Light that is trapped or stagnant in your very atoms, and then to ignite your the Light, and in doing so experience a greater lightness of being.

Many have said that PoL helped them to discover their Soul’s intention for incarnation at this pivitol time on the Planet.


What others are saying about Zodiac and Planets of Light:

“Thank you for the profoundly useful ACM for this month.

I felt so strongly your desire to be of service as we face these trying times. You truly gave me a roadmap to stay grounded and move toward higher frequencies. It was a relief to hear your carefully chosen words as you warned us of huge energies without scaring us to death! I will refer to your insights all month to keep me on track, inspired and grounded.


“Everything in this month’s ACM is as if you were speaking to me personally

and helps so much to make sense of what is going on in my life. Your knowledge and guidance are spots on and amazing, and keep me going. Love and Light