Astrology & Intuition

Trusting your intuition…

In my work I’ll often say something akin to “pay attention to your intuition during this time” or “trust your intuition rather than your logic now.” Since I am often asked: “So how does one do this?” I want to discuss how I use astrology in relation to developing and using your intuition.

Developing and accessing our intuition is quite a body of study and there are many ways to approach it. Here I’m going to discuss two key types of intuition, each having their purpose and place in our spiritual development. These are each identifiable through the lens of astrology.

May you travel In Light…always,


The first kind of intuition is Uranian in nature.
Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius as well as the higher mind where genius and innovation originate. When we tap into Uranian intuition we are using the mental body to link to the higher mind.

The other type is Neptunean in nature.
Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces and has great influence over the subtle, mystical realms. When we tap into Neptunean type intuition we are using the emotional body to link to the more mystical realms of our own being.

Let’s look further at the two types and what makes them distinct from one another.


Because Uranus rules the higher mind, this type of intuition comes through the mental body in such forms as flashes of insight and innovative ideas. It often comes when you are doing something technological or mechanical in nature, such as while you are at your computer, driving your car of even when using a hair dryer or such. This is because the electro-magnetic field around your body is “charged” or activated during such times and so can open a link between your higher and lower, or conscious, mind. Uranian type intuition often comes when you aren’t expecting it or comes from what I call “…out of the clear blue”. One of the most important things about developing and utilizing Uranian intuition is to learn to recognize it when it appears. More on that in a minute…


…works a little differently. With Neptune, intuition comes through the emotional body, hence, things such as feelings, imagery and impressions are the vehicle for insights and intuitive messages. When Neptunian type intuition is trying to get through to you, you may “sense” something…or perhaps an image will appear in your 3rd eye.

Dreams are often a vehicle for how Neptune-type intuition seeks to get through to you. I have found it is common to receive Neptune intuitive hits when near water or even while in the shower or washing dishes. This is because water is the element of the emotional body and is largely ruled by Neptune, so this is a comfortable medium for this type of intuition to move through. Art and creative processes can also be avenues for Neptune intuition.

Before I go further into how you can use astrology to recognize and develop your intuition I want to mention that what I am explaining here does not mean that you are intuitive only if you are an Aquarian or Piscean…not at all. Remember, we ALL have each of the twelve signs in our natal charts, and also every planets signature is imprinted upon our very atoms at birth (see Planets of LightTM)

So how can you use astrology to develop your intuition?
This is a big subject, as you might imagine, but there are some things you can do that will set you on the path.

Here are three steps or keys to help you:


It helps to trust your own intuition if you have a sense or where it originated and what “type” it is. So let’s say you suspect you are “getting a message” but you’re not sure. First, try to identify if it is Uranian or Neptunian in nature.

Here are some questions to help you do that:

1. What were you doing when this occurred to you?
a. Uranian: On your computer, cell or other electronic device; driving; “out in the world” such as running errands; meditating.
b. Neptunian: Sleeping (came through in a dream or an impression when you first woke up); near or in water (even listening to water or drinking it can act as a spontaneous prompt); praying.

2. Did a thought or idea come out of nowhere? (Uranian)
Or was it a feeling or an impression? (Neptunian)

3. Did the information surprise you in some way because it was not what you expected? (Uranian)
Or was it something you suspected all along and so the information seemed “natural” (Neptunian)

4. Did you get information in the form of thoughts and ideas? (Uranian)
Or was there strong imagery associated with it? Did you “see” pictures? (Neptunian)


There are some times when each type of intuition is more active. Here are some ideas:

Times that Uranian-type intuition are likely to be stronger:

  • When the Moon is in Aquarius (it is in each sign for 2.5+ days each month-which I give on each month’s AstroCurrents MonthlyTM
  • When Mercury is in Aquarius

Times that Neptunian-type intuition are likely to be stronger:

  • When the Moon is in Pisces
  • When Mercury is in Pisces
  • During the Balsamic Phase of the Moon (3 days prior to the New Moon each month).

NOTE: Anytime more than one of these occurs at the same time is an especially powerful time for accessing your intuition.


Here are a few more things to consider as you embark on your journey to develop your intuition:

a. You can ask your guides for help with developing intuition and understanding more about it. It is one way, and perhaps the best way, our guides can relay information to us as they are always seeking to do so.
b. Sometimes our guides will use both types…especially if something is important for us to be aware of or know at the time.
c. Be willing to hear-know-see something completely different than what you expected. At least give it some consideration. And it is always advised to do a “reality check” as to if what you’re getting intuitively is truly viable or likely. Separating fantasy from intuition is an important aspect to recognizing and utilizing your intuition.

Lastly don’t necessarily believe or act on everything you get.
Rather, work with it for a while…get to know how intuition operates withing you…and continue to develop this wonderful gift from the higher realms.