2020 Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Conjunctions

Without a doubt, the key astrology events of 2020 are the conjunctions between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.
NOTE: The last time these events occurred was sometime before the year 1650 which is the earliest my computer program even goes!

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction was the first major aspect not only of the year but also of the decade and so sets the tone for both in subtle but cosmically significant ways. Because of this the influence of this rare event will last for years.

No two ways about it these rare conjunctions in Capricorn are the most significant events of the year (though there are several other potent astro-events). The Saturn-Pluto conjunction was the first major aspect not only of the year but also of the decade sets the tone for some time to come.

These conjunctions represent a culmination in a major evolutionary cycle bringing us to the critical turning point we are at now. A key part in the unfolding of this evolutionary process is that much is being revealed about the hidden motives of those in powerful roles in our governments, corporations and other institutions that are resisting the changes needed to take this next step.

Pluto in Capricorn is exposing the cracks in our existing structures while Saturn is lying bare how the old agendas and regimes are no longer relevant. The previous era has reached its peak from a more cosmic perspective and we are in the final phases of its very existence while also overlapping with the new one now emerging.

This is a complex and dynamic phenomenon that is the root cause for the chaos and turmoil we are experiencing as a clashing of an old and new age is at hand. I discuss this further here and here: Living in the Age of Light. 

Personally an important challenge of this conjunction is to be honest with yourself about where you are in your life in ways you’ve perhaps resisted or chosen to overlook. Look deep and see what it is you really value and what wants to manifest in your life that will bring you a greater sense of purpose and vitality. Also consider what needs to be eliminated before that can happen as this will be an important aspect of the transformation taking place within.

There are “new patterns building in the etheric realms” that will impact us in most mystical ways. The task before us is to focus on raising our vibration at every turn possible. 

Jupiter conjunct Pluto occurs three times in 2020 (4/4, 6/29 & 11/12)

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions occur 3 times in 2020. This is yet another most significant aspect that will shed greater light on a lot of things. This more than any other aspect in 2020, triggers a “crisis of conscious” both personally and culturally.

Key word, ideas, areas of impact of this conjuncetion:
Karma, justice, higher order and agendas, truth that can’t be denied or hidden to name a few. Religions and dogmatic beliefs and practices that don’t align with the new frequencies that are emerging will be openly challenged, though conflicts may arise in the process. What worked in the past may not work going forward, making it clear that new solutions need to be found and implemented.

This very potent energy can clear the way for profound understandings to be gained. Personally you will be able to see how adhering to and identifying with old patterns, systems and behaviors thwarts you from realizing your greater potential.

Pay attention to the messages and insights received as well as the events taking place in your personal life and in the world at large during the few weeks before and after the three times this event is exact (dates above) as they can show you where you limit yourself while also bringing you insights for ways to release them and move forward.

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