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» 30 minutes: $165 USD


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» 45 minutes ~ $233 USD

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»60 minutes ~ $305


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»60 minutes ~ $295


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»75 minutes ~ $370

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»90 minutes ~ $444

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If you have a lot going on and/or would like a thorough look as to what’s coming up, you may want to consider getting both your chart looked at and doing a tarot reading which you can choose from either the 6-month Celtic Cross Tarot reading.  A Tarot reading is a great acomplement to an Astrology reading as together they’ll give you a thorough picture of how the current and upcoming energies will be impacting you in the months ahead. Plus having this awareness will give you insights and keys for how deal with and make the most of the coming time. This is definitely both a practical and a spiritual reading.

First, I look at your chart and see what transits are impacting you now and in the next several months. Then, in the 2nd hour, I do the Tarot reading of your choice, giving you an additional and more symbolic perspective on the energies influencing you in the coming months. We can do these two readings either in the same session or at different times (however it does need to be within two weeks).

This combo is a powerful reading giving you greater clarity and insights, allowing you to make decisions and set your priorities for the next few months that align you with the higher frequencies and your Soul path for the dynamic times ahead.

»120 minutes ~ $560

* Astrology Readings *

* Celtic Cross Tarot Reading *

* Astrology Plus Tarot combo: Celtic Cross or You & 2023 *

Important Announcement
New Years readings are now closed. I do plan to do another round in the 2nd quarter.

In this reading I do a Celtic Cross Tarot reading which will give you an informative and insightful overview of the next 6-8 months. The symbols of the Tarot reveal deep patterns at play in your life and is a great way to get a sense of the upcoming energies influencing you and how you are likely to react to them plus constructive and positive ways to work with them.

Plus I will take a look at your chart  so we both have a sense of how the most significant astro-influences you are under are showing up in the cards in your Tarot reading.

>To learn more about the Celtic Cross Tarot layout and positions go here. 
>To download a copy of the Celtic Cross layout here  so you can fill in the cards during your reading go here.

»75 minutes ~ $370

Sure seems like 2022 flew by which is not really too surprising given the acceleration of energies happening now as we approach the huge shifts occurring. This acceleration has been going on for a while and really ramps up in 2023 and will continue to do so until at least 2025/26.  As well as this acceleration of energies there’s an overlapping of cosmic cycles generating a good amount of chaos and confusion socially, politically, environmentally, etc. 

These dynamic events are impacting those on a spiritual path in unique ways, both on the inner realms and also in your outer life. One of the things I’m seeing (and experiencing) is that more is being revealed about what is possible in your life and about your true potential.  The door is open for profound personal and spiritual growth that can shift you from one level to another in a relatively short period of time.

I mentioned last year that my guides described the Astrological and Cosmic energies currently in play as entering our realm in a “harmonic sequence of waves” and that they will gain in intensity as we approach the new cycle beginning in 2025. Discovering how these mystical waves of energy will impact you personally and spiritually will be a key focus in your reading with me which will assist you in navigating the challenges associated with the rapid changes taking place.

In addition, in an Astrology, Tarot and/or Intuitive reading I will also look at your specific questions, challenges and life situations. In essence a reading will help to bring all of these energies together in a cohesive way helping you to gain clarity as to what is going on with you and where to place your focus.

Please know that I feel it is a honor to be doing readings during this unique time and it is my hope and intention to shed greater light on what is possible for you personally and spiritually as you embark on the next phase of your Souls’ journey. Feel free to email [email-elizabeth] if you have any questions.

Reading testimonials below.

Please note: For the first time in 12 years I’ve raised my rates (by about 11%). I hope you understand as my expenses have gone up along with everyone else!

What others are saying about readings with Elizabeth

“I just had my first reading with you and I want to thank you so much. 

I can’t tell you how filled with positive energy I felt after we spoke. Your encouragement and hopeful outlook helped more than you know in dealing with our current challenge. I can now look forward to closing old doors and opening new ones with more confidence. I’m already looking forward to talking to you again in the near future! Many blessings to you for the wonderful work you are doing.


“There is something very powerful about how you communicate and articulate information which is clearly brought forth from the Universe.

You certainly have a gift, not only of interpreting the charts and Tarot, but for explaining complex and mystical topics in ways that are understandable and meaningful to me personally. Thank you for sharing your gifts through the years.


“Our phone reading was so powerful and incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for being who you are, for your gifts, for tuning in at such a deep, spiritual level…and especially for communicating it all so clearly.

Elizabeth, you gave me hope!


“I just finished re-listening to my reading with you and words cannot describe how much I appreciate your clarity and insights and your laughter and fun, too. This has really, really, (really) helped me and given me a sense of focus and determination going forward! 

I had been wavering and feeling overwhelmed and just can’t tell you how much this has helped me make sense of it all. Thank you so much Elizabeth. I will definitely be re-listening to this again as I’m sure I will keep hearing new things!


“I just got off the phone from our reading and had to write and let you know…

how calming and reassuring it was for me. I found your wise and gentle counsel comfortable, remarkably accurate and insightful. You gave me information that I’ve truly never heard from anyone else! Your gift is truly exceptional. Wow…just wow.


“Your ability to interpret the “cosmic winds” is a rare gift…

I have had several readings over the years and never before has anyone really “gotten me” like you did. I felt as though you somehow connected to my very soul. You have given me strength, renewed my courage and brought me a sense of calm and direction during a preplexing and challenging time.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 


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FAQ About Readings

I often get asked “When is a good time to get a reading”? Here are some things to consider:

  • When you are experiencing significant shifts, changes and/or are going through a challenging time.
  • When you are going through an expansive, exciting time in your life and you want to make the most of it.
  • At pivotal times during the year such as: The New Year/Your Birthday/Anniversaries.
  • When something new and dynamic has occurred in your life, such as a new relationship, job or a move and you want like to get some additional insights.
  • If you’ve had a reading recently, with me or someone else, but still have some things you’d like further clarification on.
  • You have heard there are significant celestial events coming up, such as eclipses, planets changing signs or unusual astrological configurations and want to see how they are personally impacting your chart.
  • For help with event timing  as Astrology is very helpful in finding a good time to do such things as sign contracts, put your house on the market, embark on a new project, venture, business, etc.

Who Phones Whom? I will call you if you live in the US, CAN or MEX. And while I am able to do readings for people in most other countries there will be an extra charge. Please contact me to discuss the details. 

About Refunds, Cancellations and No-shows

  • If you have prepaid for your session, a 100% refund is allowed if you notify me in writing no less than 14 days prior to your scheduled session.  Please note that I must acknowledge receipt of your email requesting your cancellation and refund before the 14 days before your session.
  • If you have prepaid for your session, an 80% refund is allowed if you notify me in writing no less than 3 to 13 days prior to your scheduled session. Please note that I must acknowledge receipt of your email requesting your cancellation and refund before the 3 to 13 days before your session.
  • No refunds are allowed if you cancel within 3 days of your session without notifying me and upon my acknowledging receipt of your notification. As long as you notified me of the need to cancel, you can reschedule your reading for another time.
  • IF YOU MISS YOUR APPOINTMENT, without contacting me, you will be charged a $50 fee. However, you can reschedule your session, plus the fee, regardless of the length of the reading you purchased. The only exception to this is if a true emergency kept you from keeping your appointment. Please know that the primary reason I do this is because I often have a waiting list and could have given your time to someone else had I known that you were unable to keep your appointment.
  • Due to the nature of this being a service, no refunds are allowed once you have had your reading.

Terms and Conditions of Use

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